I Will Write/Record a song for you!!
  • I Will Write/Record a song for you!!
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This is a limited option as I’ll only be accepting the amount of orders I feel I can deliver to a high standard.

Have you ever listened to my music, and aside from swooning over my dulcet tones, you’ve thought, ‘I feel like this song was written for me’. The chances are it wasn’t (Unless you were that one that broke my heart), but now it could be!!

Or maybe you want to give the gift of song to a loved one for a birthday present, or a Christmas present, or even just a Tuesday.

Here’s what the package includes:

-I will write you a song using whatever inspiration you give me. We will email back and forth to throw ideas around before I start writing the lyrics. You can also give me musical influences that you may want to incorporate. e.g ‘Write a love song about my other half, and he loves Bruce Springsteen, so try and make it Springsteen-esque where possible’

-I will record the song for you at a studio. It will be a good quality recording, up to the standard of my releases. I will send you pictures/videos of me working on the song throughout the process.

-You will receive Framed Handwritten Lyric Sheets for the song.

-You will receive a CD version of the song as well. I can also make it a compilation and add any of my other songs to this CD.

-The CD will come with its own individual artwork by an actual Artist. The artwork will be inspired by the songs sentiment. This will be done by the one and only Josh Elms.

-Digital AAA pass (Access to the secret page where I will post updates regarding the new album)

-A signed CD of the album when it comes out

-A Thank You on the liner notes of the album

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