Personalised Recorded Set CD/Download/USB
  • Personalised Recorded Set CD/Download/USB
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Personalised Recorded Set CD/Download/USB

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Have you ever been at one of my gigs and thought ‘I wish he played this song?’. Well, there’s only so many absolute bangers I can play in one set!

What I’m offering here is your own personal set. Basically, you choose 10 of my songs and I will record a live set for you. And also, if you got any dedications you want at the beginning of songs, I’ll put it in. What you’ll get in this package is;

-A digital download of your 10 song set

-A physical CD of your 10 song set

-A signed set list

-I’ll video the set on my phone/laptop from the studio and send that to you as well. Or if you’re available at the time of recording, i can do a Facebook Live video.

-This will all be presented on a USB pen as well. With the full video/unedited performance/edited performance

You can choose any of my songs from over the years. I can’t record any covers on these due to legal reasons. Unless it’s an old folk song (pre 1920’s) that you’ve heard me cover.

So anything from these releases:

Last of the big time small town lads Homegrown Friends love drink Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings Songs for Rosie Nothings Changed EP Sholly Optimist ONTAW The Debut Album Coffee Beans EP

And if there’s anything else I might’ve released. There’s so much stuff to choose from

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