A Mystery Disposable Camera
  • A Mystery Disposable Camera
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Before I start the main part of the recording, I’m going to go out and buy a few disposable cameras and document the whole thing randomly.

This will be from the finishing of the writing of the songs. Maybe taking pictures of any Co Writes I’m doing.

When I’ve run out of film, I will send you the camera for you to get the film developed yourself. I was going to offer to do that as well, but I think that that takes the fun out of it.

With this purchase, you will also receive:

-Digital AAA pass (Access to the secret page where I will post updates regarding the new album)

-The knowledge that you helped fund the greatest album of all time*

*Will try and make it the best of all time. I can't promise it'll be better than Hear'Say's first album though. That's a belter. #PureAndSimple

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