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Studio Day With Me!!

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This is a very limited option! You get to spend the day in the studio with me in either Wrexham or Manchester, you choose!

I’m doing a chunk of this album by myself due to time constraints. This was also how we did a bit of the first album. I have access to a couple of studios that I can hire for the day and have free reign of, and I’d like you to come and join me. Essentially, you’d be paying for the studio hire for the day, so it’s only right that you should be there.

Here’s what this package involves:

-A full day in the studio with you acting as my partner in crime. You’ll be there to hit record and make sure the recording goes smoothly.

-Learn how to make me the perfect cup of tea (vital studio technique)

-You will learn how to use the basic tools of Pro Tools and the equipment that we will need to use

-You will be given a credit on the album notes as ‘Engineer’ on whatever tracks you work on

-If you’re musically inclined, you may be asked to record something for the album, which may end up on the final version. If it does, you will be credited as a performer on whatever tracks you work on. This may be Vocal/Keyboard/Tambourine/Foot Stomp part. We can get creative.

-I’ll take you out for a Wetherspoons lunch during the session

-Digital AAA pass (Access to the secret page where I will post updates regarding the new album)

-A signed CD of the album when it comes out

-A Thank You on the liner notes of the album

*The chances are that this will be a week day, but we should be able to make a weekend work. You can contact me beforehand to arrange a date before purchasing this.

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