I Will Record A Cover Song of Your Choice
  • I Will Record A Cover Song of Your Choice
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I Will Record A Cover Song of Your Choice

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This is a limited option as I’ll only accepting the amount of orders I feel I can deliver to a high standard.

Have you ever listened to me sing and thought ‘Do you know what? I would love to hear Danny murder my favourite song of all time’…well now that dream becomes a reality.

Or maybe you want to give the gift of song to a loved one for a birthday present, or a Christmas present, or even just a Friday afternoon gift.

Here’s what the package includes:

-I will record the song for you at a studio. It will be a good quality recording, up to the standard of my releases. I will send you pictures/videos of me working on the song throughout the process

-You will receive a CD version of the song as well. I can also make it a compilation and add any of my other songs to this CD.

-Digital AAA pass (Access to the secret page where I will post updates regarding the new album)

-A signed CD of the album when it comes out

-A Thank You on the liner notes of the album

Here's a link to the latest cover I recorded: https://dannygruff.bandcamp.com/track/shake-weights-and-moving-crates-patent-pending-cover

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