Handwritten Lyric Sheets (Framed)
  • Handwritten Lyric Sheets (Framed)
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Handwritten Lyric Sheets (Framed)

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I will write out the lyrics for any of my original songs on lovely paper using lovely pens and will use my best handwriting.

Few notes...

  1. If the song is particularly wordy, I won't be able to fit all the lyrics on one sheet so I'll just choose the main parts and write them out.

  2. If the lyrics you want aren't on the album, select 'other' and I will contact you asking which lyrics you want.

  3. If you purchase this, I will send you an email asking which lyrics you want! If you can find a way to write it in the notes of the purchase, do so!

This purchase will also give you access to the AAA page, where you will be able to see updates of me in the process of making album #2.

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